The Most Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Whether you are an orthodontic veteran, your dentist has just told you that you will need braces in the future, or you just got your braces - there are some things to learn! As with dental issues, there are many orthodontic emergencies that require immediate attention. While some may not be painful, they can cause further issues to your treatment plan and pocket book. Here are some things to watch out for when you have braces.

Broken Brackets and Snapped Wires

Most patients with braces will experience one or many broken brackets - sometimes called 'floating' brackets. While usually not painful, a broken bracket is easy to spot. The bracket will dislodge from the tooth and can slide on the wire, spin, or even cause other brackets to have issues. In some cases, a broken bracket can happen at the end of the wire, exposing the wire and causing discomfort.

A snapped band is very common. While the only pain occurs when the band snaps to the mouth or lip, it is essential to get the band replaced right away so your treatment is not compromised.

Broken Wires

One of the more urgent orthodontic issues is a broken wire. A broken wire, whether caused by being hit in the mouth or eating hard foods, the wire can cut through your cheeks, gums, or lips and cause bleeding. Without intervention, it can cause infection. Don't wait if this happens to you, call our office right away.

Sudden Mouth Trauma

Whether you have braces or not, a sudden mouth trauma is reason enough to visit a dentist. When you have braces, it is even more urgent. When you get hit in the mouth, it can not only break your braces, but it can cause the components of your device to cut open your gums, cheeks, or lips. In a sudden event, it may even be possible to swallow pieces (like the brackets).

Don't Hesitate During an Ortho Emergency

Our team at Cascadia Smiles Orthodontics is ready to help you in the event of an orthodontic emergency. If you suffer from any pain while wearing braces, an emergency like the ones listed above, or you just feel discomfort - please contact our office. We will do our best to fix what is broken and make your braces comfortable. The best thing to do when wearing braces is to make sure you are familiar with best practices, such as utilizing water picks and brushing after every meal. We would happily chat with you to make sure you are comfortable with the routine elements of wearing braces.

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